All our departments are coordinated via our production management system, which ensures real-time internal monitoring of costs and checks on our end products. This system provides the backing that we need, and its worth is recognised by our customers, who rate us as one of the most competent firms in the metal part machining business..

Thanks to the expertise built up over more than 60 years, Etxebarria Olabarrieta S.L. has obtained a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001/2015 from the OCA CERT Certification Institute for several consecutive years. This is an assurance that we are committed to continuous improvement in our processes.

We rigorously assess the quality of our work using state-of-the-art technology, which enables us to meet the toughest requirements in every project.

Everyone interested in our quality policy, can request it through our customer service email or by filling in the form.

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